Hi. I’m Mike, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I take pictures.

I’m in my 30’s, but have had a camera in my hands since I was 14. I’m young enough to appreciate the ease of digital photography, but have a soft spot for all things analog.

This is my passion, and has been from the first moment I picked up my first camera.

A bit about me:

In 2006 I moved to Southern California to focus on music photography and had the opportunity to work with bands and musicians in different settings - live, promotional, for album art. It was an incredible experience.

Then, in 2013, it was time to shift gears and make some changes. My wife and I (and our dog, a chihuahua named Frankenstein) packed up our life and moved back to my hometown.

The differences between California and Tennessee are vast, so I used that as a chance to focus on capturing new things, to explore new places and ideas. The way I see it, art is everywhere. Anything can be art. A simple landscape, the human body, a vintage sign or a band on a stage. I shoot however I can - digital, SLR, my iPhone, and on Polaroid.

I want to capture a moment. The moment. I want you to see what I see, exactly how I see it.

A bit more about what I’ve done and what I do:

I’ve photographed bands and models, weddings, family portraits, and just about everything in between. I’ve had select images featured in nationwide advertising and published internationally. It’s all important to me. Now, I spend my time focused on my everyday surroundings. My camera is with me everywhere I travel with my wife. There’s something beautiful no matter where I look.

Most recently, I was awarded First Place in the Architecture Photography category in the 2019 Rutherford County/Murfreesboro Focus on the Boro competition. I know it’s not about medals and recognition, but it felt good to know my hometown crowd appreciated my work. You can check the photo out right here

Just as much a photographer, I consider myself a professional daydreamer with an unquenchable wanderlust. Even while I’m exploring whenever and wherever I can, I’m thinking about the next adventure, the next shot.




Digital, 35mm, Instant

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