Update 10/7/2019

Old Fort Park Murfreesboro, TN

Ive had some people ask my reasoning for rebranding. Triple Six Art is gone and all my work will now be under my name, Mike McDougal.

I had dreams of moving back to Murfreesboro after being in Southern California for almost 9 years and continuing to grow and expand my photography business. At the time I was working almost exclusively with models and musicians and thats what I loved doing. I quickly realized after moving back that it was going to be a lot harder than I initially thought, then I realized that it was impossible for me. Impossible to find models who have the same direction and style as I did. Impossible to shoot music as often as I did because its Middle Tennessee, not Southern California and I didn’t have nearly the breadth of venues to choose from on any given night. The artists I would need to shoot in order to sell would have to be better known acts, and those tours don’t come through nearly often enough. 

I never stopped taking pictures, but I definitely gave up. I’d pull out my camera for a special request or family event, but other than that it stayed packed away. The longer I didn’t shoot, the worse my depression and anxiety got. I was also drinking a lot during this time which only fueled the fire (sober since 2018!). I needed to find out outlet of creativity so I started a few different projects to hold me over. I started painting at the beginning of 2018 and then quickly added in some illustrations, but more than anything, I just wanted to shoot again. I had taken an interest in nature and landscape photography and would snap the occasional photo on my phone but I never brought out my old gear. I ran at least 10 rolls of film through my 35mm and didn’t get them developed until years later. I didn’t have the drive to finish or try to improve. Why would I try if I was only taking photos on an iPhone? I was picky about my camera gear when I didn’t have the money to be picky about anything. I could’t have what I wanted and refused to settle.    

iPhone 7 Image

I don’t know when or what changed, but I settled and alongside my point & shoot, started really using my phone and 3rd party apps to create the best images that I possibly could. The more I used them, the more I learned how to use features similar to shooting manual on a DSLR and was able to manipulate them to capture images that I was actually proud of. I was further proud for actually winning a photo competition with one of my photos taken on a point & shoot, not a fancy DSLR. I was doing a lot of painting and some drawing at the time but once I started shooting again, that’s where my focus went. 


Andy’s Frozen Custard Murfreesboro, TN FOCUS on the Boro 2019 Winner

I really enjoyed what I was doing and for once, I actually felt like I was doing it for me. There were definitely bands that I enjoyed working with and loved to listen to, but I was happier driving around aimlessly looking for an old sign or abandoned building. Instead of having to worry about poses and outfit changes, I could focus on getting the perfect lighting on a beautiful landscape. Making money is cool, but I just want someone to see my photos and feel something. See something differently that you see every day. 

Considering the content that I was posting, the audience that it was going to and the lack of painting, drawing or whatever else I was working on at the time, I decided to drop the Triple Six Art and just go by my name. I’m also fairly sure that I missed out on some work due to my previous model work and “antichrist” name. Things in the south are much, MUCH different than they were in Southern California and if I ever want to make a career out of what I do, I had to play nice. So here I am, Mike McDougal. I call myself a “wandering photographer”. I take a lot of pictures of cool old buildings and signs, neon and any other cool things I see. I’m a constant work in progress.

The BIGGEST of THANK YOU’s to everyone who has supported me in any capacity. You liked my art so much that I was able to replace my camera and finally have complete control over my images for the first time in forever. I’m really looking forward to bringing you even more high quality content! 

You can come see me at the Boro Art Crawl this Friday 10/11 from 6-9pm at The Bug Man, LLC 314 W Lokey Murfreesboro, TN 37130.

Music City Campground LaVergne, TN

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