AT THE END OF THE WORLD is the working title of my story of the Salton Sea. A place I've been fascinated with ever since first hearing of its strange existence. An accident in the middle of the desert led to a booming vacation town that was doomed from the beginning. There are few people who visit this forgotten land in the California desert, and even fewer who still call it home.  Situated  a little over an hour south of Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park, the Salton Sea area is a place that calls to me. A place where I want to explore, photograph and document all that I see. I want to take in the beauty in nothingness and explore all this land has to offer.

My goal is to spend 7 days traversing the desert in early March 2021. Flying into Palm  Springs, I'll capture midcentury architecture and brightly colored doors before. After exploring the city I'll be heading to Joshua Tree for two nights. I plan on using this time to explore and photograph as much of the park as possible.

My real adventure begins once I leave Joshua Tree and head toward the town of Niland, CA (population 1,006). The only motel in town is roughly 10 miles from the shores of the Salton Sea. This is where I will set up camp and spend the rest of my time. From here I'll photograph places like  Bombay Beach, littered with old automobiles and art installations. A place normally captured by social media influencers in town for Coachella, I want to capture this place differently. Using my unique style of photography, I'll focus on the barrenness of a land that once was, showing these relics almost exactly as they were in their prime. I dream of photographing and experiencing places like Salvation Mountain or the public art installation  in East Jesus, taking in a show at The Range in Slab City or driving east to photograph the sand dunes. This is a story that my heart aches to tell before it disappears completely. As the viewer, my mission is to couple these images with words, feelings and emotions experienced in the moment. To bring you as close to being there as I can. 

This project has been speaking to me for quite a while and it's all I think about anymore. Feeling this level of passion is telling me that I need to go after this goal, even if I fail.

On a selfish note, as I'm trying to be more open about my mental health, I'm looking for this trip to be extremely cathartic and rejuvenating for the mind, body and soul. My release is jumping head first into my art and finally achieving a goal I've dreamt of for years is something I need to do for me and my mental health. 

Unfortunately, this kind of trip doesn't come cheap with of necessities like flight, car, motel and renting a backup camera and lens (If I make this far, I'm not going to let a broken camera or lens stop me). There are other items as well like extra camera batteries, film, memory cards, etc that are adding on a cost. 

I'm not asking for a handout by any means, but what I am going to offer are a few different ways for you to help me achieve this goal while getting some really cool original art or other "perks" (think Kickstarter but without the fees).

The first thing you can do is pick up a print in my SHOP. Print prices start as low as $15 for unframed and $75 for framed. Don't see what you want? That's okay! Send me an EMAIL and you can order any photo as a print. Not sure what you want? I can pull a custom gallery together for you! Use code DESERTVIBES for 20% off your entire order!

I have created a special listing in my shop for perks pertaining to this project. The "perks" are listed below. Please CLICK HERE to go to the listing and support. 

You can also hit me up to BOOK a portrait session!

Lastly, if you just want to donate, you can send a few bucks my way to VENMO or PAYPAL

Can't wait to be able to share this experience with you!

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